Welcome to my Personal Learning Network!
My name is Jennie Kies. I'm a technology education teacher at Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids. I teach Project Lead the Way engineering classes including Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, and Digital Electronics. I also teach Manufacturing Enterprises, a class I designed which incorporates manufacturing, entrepeneurship and Web 2.0 tools. I'm working on my Instructional Technology Masters through the University of Northern Iowa.

My PLN Goals:
1. To collaborate with my classmates and fellow teachers to learn about and use Web 2.0 tools
2. To build on the knowledge of previous and shared experiences
3. To broaden my perspective on the ways we can use technology in the classroom
4. To learn how to use social bookmarking sites more effectively (I use Diigo right now, but mostly as a Favorites list)

Blogs I Follow:

    Don Tapscott

      Dangerously Irrelevant | @mcleod
      Edutopia RSS

      Educational Websites:
      Engineering - Go for It! This is a great site about teaching engineering. It provides lesson plans and information about engineering careers.
      Project Lead the Way Project Lead the Way is the creator of the curriculum I teach for my engineering classes. This site has a lot of information about the program. I use the moodle on a daily basis to communicate with other teachers about the classes I teach.
      Iowa Technology Education Connection The Iowa Technology Education Connection provides support for implementing technology in education.